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Looking for your event photos?


Event photography is certainly a BatchFoto forte. We adore the spontaneous interactions between people, and by applying tried-and-true studio lighting theory and editorial composition techniques we are able to capture these moments with incredible quality and clarity.


From cavernous auto showrooms, fashion runway halls, and open-air motocross arenas to dark disco-lit nightclubs, private salons, and tight meeting rooms we’ve shot it all and no situation is too tough.


Since its inception, BatchFoto has ridden the cutting edge of media technology to provide the highest quality and most unique services available. Whether you just need us to photograph a birthday or anniversary, or are taking full advantage of our photobooth and GoFoto Stream packages for a sponsored event, we will set your gathering apart from the rest.


GoFoto Stream is the newest and most innovative way to showcase your event, in real time! By integrating the latest breakthroughs in wireless local area data transfer, BatchFoto can display your event pictures on venue projectors and televisions as we capture them. Allowing your guests to see themselves instantaneously on the big screen adds an incredibly fun and exciting element to your party, making it instantly memorable.


We have the ability to overlay any logo or message you wish on to GoFoto Stream photos and can also intersperse promotional media throughout the playback, giving you, your sponsors, or your venue an attention-getting advertising opportunity.