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At a glance:

    • Real, top quality photos printed while you party!
    • Perfect for any party of any size, from 3 to 3000
    • Fully Customizable
    • Event specific logos and overlays
    • Diverse backdrop choices
    • 100′s of props!
    • Professional lighting and equipment
    • On-site attendant at every event
    • Unlimited printing packages available
    • Custom photo-guestbook packages available
    • DVD’s and/or online galleries included with all packages


We couldn’t find a single photobooth that met our elaborate customization requirements, stringent image quality standards, or speed necessities so we designed our own!


From the software that makes them run, to the tooled enclosures, down to the wires inside, our fleet of photobooths is custom made and precision tuned. As a result, we can offer you virtually any digital and print layout encompassing any number of photos.


We’ve incorporated high dynamic range SLR cameras, professional studio flash lighting, and industry leading on-the-fly editing software to ensure you get the highest quality photo every time. Even the darkest of venues are no match for these booths.


Our high resolution dye sublimation prints are waterproof, tear proof, and FAST! The custom program suite can print any number of reprints on the fly, and saves a copy of every photo. We can even reprint the entire event for your guestbook before we leave!